I'm Ajay.

About Me:

I'm a Software Engineer with an interest in operating systems, embedded applications, deep learning, prompt engineering.

My recent work is in aeronautical simulation software

Approaches to working with the glut of data in computational biology or for healthcare applications are particularly interesting to me at the moment.

Intelligent physical products are very cool imo

The perfect pairing of software and hardware is bliss

Stuff I'm into/working on at the moment:

  • Splayed split keyboard design
  • Triathlon sprint training
  • Savory fruit recipes

You are what you read! Here are some of my recent favorites:

  • Meditations - Marcus Aurelius
  • Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace
  • A Crack in Creation - Jennifer Doudna
  • Alice and Bob Meet the Wall of Fire - Thomas Lin



Spotify data visualizer with 15M+ users featured on CNET, Lifehacker, etc.


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Video hosting and sharing website with insight generation using wordclouds and automatic video category prediction.


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Peer-to-peer filesystem implementation allowing a shared working directory space across all connected nodes, data stored in distributed hash table.


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Working: possible cuisine and recipe recommender based on currently available ingredients using a Naive Bayes' classifier.

In Progress: unique recipe generation based on personal preference, health, and (optional) sequenced DNA medical insights. Won $5,000 AWS credit to develop idea through Blackstone Launchpad and UCR OTP.

Wireless Plant Data Collector

Handheld device to collect plant information for research purposes.

Contained two Arduino boards, GPS module, far-IR camera for thermal, near-IR spectrometer, 2 OLED displays, resistivity sensor, wireless chip, SD Card reader.
Displayed histogram and quick scan data on OLED, exported geotagged data as CSV to research servers.


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Basic cryptocurrency price differential calculator and alert system for instant-gain arbitrage trading. Works with multiple base and target currencies on available exchanges.


Linux Bash shell implementation with piping, "||", "&&", parens, and test flag support.


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Simple voting/polling Android application with additional biometric authentication features.